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My Writing

This is about my published writing other than my games, so for game stuff, go here.

Current Labor

I am at long last writing my book about Oaxaca. It is my primary work for now.

CLOUD PEOPLE AMIDST THE RUINS; Stories of Ancient Oaxaca
Here is a .pdf of a few pages
This is a draft, largely complete in content but always being combed.

On March 30, 2011, my deadline is July 30.


Here is Part 1

edited by James Lowder
Planet Stories, 2008

This includes a reprint of one of my first Gloranthan stories, titled "Near the End of the World." It concerns a generic magic man, the drunken last right arm of the Dehori race, and a massive number of slime deer.

It also includes 17 other stories by game designers that are set in their own gaming worlds.
Publisher's Listing is here.
More information is here.

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