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What’s New?

This is a listing of new materials added to the main site. It excludes changes to the Pendragon pages, which have their own "what's new" notification. Bigfoot Takes Credit

(Nov 29, '08) My Art has links to some of my whimsical art, this time to the pope paintings.

(Nov 23, '08) My Family has a few photos posted.

(Nov 22, '08) My Writing, Latest Release is now posted

(Feb 14, '08) Leaving Berkeley, Moving to Arcata, Living in Arcata; is my most recent history, and the start of text in the BIOGRAPHY section. See it here

Photos are here.

(Jan, '08) One-Page Issaries Mythology COMICis a quickie, crude amusement of rune-stick figures. View COMIC here

(Jan 9, '08) Some of my Wood Carvings have been posted. View update here

(Jan 9, '08) My Picture on the VoM card has been posted. I am truly honored to have been drawn into this magnificent game. And on the Wendigo card no less! View update here

(Dec 26, '07) Games I Play has been posted. View update here

(Dec 25, '07) Valley of the Mammoths supplement announced View update here

(Dec 23, '07) The First Gloranthan Document Ever was added View update here

Elliot the Spider

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