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Type and subject: Roleplaying game, set in the magnificent realm of the legendary King Arthur
Manufacturer: White Wolf
Designed by: Greg Stafford

Pendragon is my favorite game, and after 35 years of game design, my masterpiece. I have an on-going KAP, the “Lindsey Campaign.” More about the game here.

Ancient Conquest

Type and subject: Multiplayer online war/diplomacy game. FREE, one turn per week PBM style, with plenty of email contact between players.
Designed by: “Mr. GM”
Manufacturer: AGE Games

This game is a blast. I’ve played the Medieval Diplomacy version, and now the Ancient Era game. Sophisticated, but easy once you get the knack. You can play for FREE.
Take a look here wendigo

Valley of the Mammoths

Type and subject: Boardgame, multiplayer. Caveman tribes compete against Starvation, and each other, to build 4 villages in the Valley of the Mammoths. Resource management, hunting, some combat.
Designed by: Bruno Faidutti
Manufacturer: Asmodeé (in French), Ludodelire
Take a look here

Breaking News! My friend Don Frew, and I love this game so much we have made a new set of cards for it. The French publisher, Asmodeé, will be releasing it soon. See their promotion here.


Type and subject: Boardgame, multiplayer. The War of the Roses , with players controlling factions in tactics and combat.
Designed by: Mike Uhl, Don Turnbull, Andrew McNeil
Manufacturer: Avalon Hill.

Take a look here

Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean

Type and subject: Multiplayer boardgame, set in Classic Greece. Players race to build the infrastructures and spectacular parthenons. Resource management, trading, NO DIRECT INTERPLAYER CONFLICT.
Designed by: Andrew Parks, Jason Hawkins
Manufacturer: Z-man games
Take a look here

Puerto Rico

Type and subject: boardgame, multiplayer. Players are plantation masters in colonial Puerto Rico. Resource management, NO DIRECT INTERPLAYER CONFLICT.
Designed by: Andrew Seyfarth
Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games
Take a look here

Settlers of Catan

Type and subject: Boardgame, multiplayer.
Abstract game racing to obtain ten points. Resource management, plus luck, wherein Players build cities and roads. Designed by: Klaus Teuber
Manufacturer: Mayfair Games
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Type and subject: War, resource management. Unique in that there are NO RANDOM FACTORS.
Designed by: Mac Gerdts
Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games
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