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Different Worlds

I have some question about Different Worlds: why did Chaosium decide to publish its own magazine?

In those days just about every successful publisher had its own magazine. Tadashi Ehara liked the idea and wanted to do a magazine, so we agreed.

Was it successful?

Yes, moderately so. It always paid for itself, and it was very popular since it was quite eclectic in its scope.

What was the average print run of an issue, especially the later ones?

This I am not sure about.

Why did Different Worlds leave Chaosium along with Tadashi Ehara? Was the split amicable?

I am not sure why Tadashi departed from Chaosium. Chaosium was his his first post-graduation job, and by the time he left certainly he knew that he would have much better prospects for the future elsewhere. He was the accountant, after all. Tadashi wanted to keep the 'zine, and we were glad to let him. The departure was amicable.

No one else at the company wanted to keep editing the magazine. Why? For the same reason Tadashi took off: economics. It was just as easy to publish either a supplement or a magazine, but a supplement would sell several thousand copies the first a year or two, but a magazine's sales life is only until its next issue.

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